Corral closing in on finish line.

If you look really close you can see all five gates I hung.

I could not ignore it, I had to go outside and work on the corral.  My personal goal was to be done by Sunday and if I took Saturday off because I had no helper it would put me behind.  I spent two hours digging holes for the front fence.  We filled three holes with water in the hopes that the tractor could dig them easier.  Nope, it did not work.  I still had to beat them up with a breaker bar then dig them out and back to breaker bar.  I hung five gates by myself.  All of them Powder River gates so I was able to set them up on blocks and just screw in the through the hinge holes.  No drilling a hole and screwing in a peg and then adjusting it ten times to get the distance correct.  Only two of the gates were new, we reused all the old gates.  I applied lots of WD40 and the old gates were just perfect.  I may find some machine oil that will stay in place longer than WD40.  My helper is supposed to be out on Sunday. 

I went down and checked on the cows again.  I saw both babies and they were in different spots then yesterday.  I watched them latch on to a teat.  I did not wait for the milk moustache.  My mother-in-law called in the late evening, one of the calves had gotten stuck in her front yard and was not doing well.  She went down to the edge of the yard to help it out and the mother panicked and charged her plastic fence.  The cow broke right through the fence and almost got a horn into Donna.  The calf subsequently died.  I checked on them when I got home but could not get any closer than 20 feet.  I opened up the lower pasture gate and am hoping the cows just go into that pasture.  I will go down in the morning and grab the deceased baby and take it to the bone yard.  Hopefully, this will not be that difficult. 

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