Corral sides completed

Sides done.

My helper didn’t show up on Saturday, girl problems.  I had to buy some calf milk replacement and a cow bottle.  One of the calves was not getting up.  We had a baby calf.  I went out to check on the calf with my half a gallon of milk and found two calves!  I watched both of them latch on and suckle.  I did not wait till they were finished and look for a milk moustache.  Gary from work took pity on me and came out to the house for about three hours.  We finished up all the boards on the corral.  Only thing left are the gates.  It is starting to really take shape, the best part is it is getting done quicker than I had anticipated.  I took Gary out for an early dinner.  I always feed my help! 
I was unable to get close to either calf.  Both mothers are super protective and there is no way I am gonna get my hands on a baby without getting horned by an angry mother cow.  I will wait until we run them all into the new corral!

Sides done.

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