Front fence done!

Front fence completed, just needs stained.

I know I said the fence was done, but it is really just built.  Some would say it is not completed until it has been stained.  No man would say this, to a man the fence is completed!  See it standing tall and majestic with working gates!  It is completed, a veritable work of art!  But alas, I will be staining it soon after Annmarie gets back.  As an added bonus, the bridge will be getting stained at the same time so I can kill two birds with one stone.  Lee came out with a crew today and we got the fence in and about half the gutters on the barn.  I should be able to finish up the gutters in about three hours, should being the operative word. 

The fence turned out really nice.  I am actually very happy with it and like the way it looks.  I think Annmarie is going to pick a red stain and it will go with the trim and roof of our house nicely.  It will be pretty sharp looking.  I went to the dreaded Home Depot and bought cedar caps and solar light caps for the fence posts, every other post is a solar light with both posts next to the main gate lit.  They won’t have gotten enough sunlight to charge the battery today but I expect the full effect to be there tomorrow night.  I did install a gate for the propane guy to fill our propane tank.  He will be happy.  There was a pleasant surprise today, as I was messing around inside the trash can enclosure (aka outhouse building) I heard a momma bird in one of the multiple houses I attached inside.  We have not had a single bird nest in any of the six houses since I built the out house. This made me smile and gave me hope for the bird houses I am going to put on top of the corral posts.  Annmarie comes home tomorrow so I asked Mr. President (my summer helper) to come out and help me rip out the chain link fence in the front yard first thing tomorrow.  He can only help till noon, his band needs the practice more than I need the help.  It will be a treat if we can get the fence all torn out before I go and pick her up at the airport.  I will also finish cleaning up out front and move the tractor.  I will have finished the front fence and the corral while she was gone.  Next up is a functioning irrigation system. 

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