Barn gutters and horse area done!

Horse area framed and in progress. Zeke was supervising.

Things are really starting to progress around the farm.  My nephew is staying for a few days with Donna and is earning some spending money by helping us out around the farm.  Today we finished up the gutters on the barn and filled in the drainage ditch with gravel.  I decided to tackle the horse area after finding the entire wooden stall walls chewed up and on the ground.  The horses needed something that was impervious to cribbing.  In English, that is biting, the horses are literally chewing the walls apart.  My biggest problem once I decided on using the left over roofing was figuring out how to attach a support structure.  Luckily, there are lots of 2×6 boards left over.  Its pretty amazing to think we got the corral out of them, the front fence and now the new horse enclosure.  There may even be enough to frame out an Alpaca three sided lean to.  I had Heath do all the impact wrench utilization while I did all the measuring and cutting.  We got the entire enclosure done and got the center divider reattached to a solid board.  I just need to get the eyelet hangers screwed in so the horse feeders will stay in the corner. 
The pickup has been dead for a week so this morning we removed the battery and sent it to town with Annmarie.  The hope is it is just a battery and will be an easy fix.  She called later and said they tested it and instead of cranking 800 ma it cranked 10 ma.  So a new battery and some battery terminal cleaners are in order.  That will be a big relief if it just cranks over.  Heath is lined up to start digging out the barn tomorrow.  I figure it will take him a couple days.  I need to spray some weeds on the back hillside.  Annmarie called to say she picked up the stain and a new truck battery.  So now the new front fence needs to be stained.  While on the phone Annmarie mentioned a broken piece of concrete that appeared next to the bridge after we removed the yard fence.  I said yes it broke, she wants it repoured.  We are still in discussion, as it is a low priority for me.  I will be ordering the Alpaca shearing blades tomorrow and working on the irrigation lines after I spray weeds.  It is all starting to come together. 

A completed stall.  We are all done here, I just need to put wall anchors in to keep feeders in corners.

Barn gutters done. 

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