There is always something.

Tractor tire flat.

July started out with a bang!  On the first day we got a flat tire on the right rear tire.  My nephew drove over a huge nail.  The next day I had him use a magnet all around the barn to pick up loose nails and metal scraps.  I knew it needed to be done, I was just putting it off.  I had to take the tire in to get it repaired.  I had the candy bar twin stacking rocks over by the new culvert in the barn lot.  I need to raise the dirt level at least four feet and the rocks are to line the sides.  Once I get the rocks and dirt level with both sides of the old bridge foundation I will cover the whole thing with gravel.  It is just one more thing I need to get done this year. 
Unfortunately, this has fallen down on the priority list along with the front fence.  It is still too hot to stain the fence and now we have hay baled and on the ground.  That hay is now a priority and needs to be brought into the barn.  I don’t have the old 9n tractor with hay lift working yet so it is going to be done the old fashioned way, hay hooks and muscle.  The new field is approximately 15 acres and had a bumper crop of hay this year, 5 ton/acre.  That is a lot of hay.  So I have to move approximately 270 small bales into the barn and then make room in the machine shed for at least 10 more ton of large 800 lb bales.  The good thing is we will have plenty of hay this winter.  Next year I will figure out how much we need to sell.
I have been having my teenage helpers dig out the front creek.  It is all done now down to the pump.  I just need to kill the weeds and we should be good for the year. 
Tomorrow a friend is coming and we are going to work the sheep and cows.  I need to tag babies of both varieties.  We don’t know what is the gender of the baby cow.  We have been talking and 3-4 more heifer cows may be in order next year.  Otherwise, it could take us ten years to get to ten heifers.  I still have six baby chickens from my two batches.  They are still alive!  The sheep continue to pop out more babies.  This has been going on for almost three months continuously.  We are so glad we pulled the ram off the herd and are looking forward to having all the babies in a one month period.  This continuous dropping of newborn is painful to keep track of everyone. 


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