Barn clean out progressing.

New fence, staining in progress.

I tried out the stain on the fence yesterday. I am really liking the color and am excited to get it finished. Of course I cannot finish it for a couple of weeks. The instructions say do not use in direct sunlight and between 50-90 degrees surface temperature. Since the fence sits directly in the sun and temperatures will be over a 100 starting tomorrow the fence is on hold. 
I have been thinking about extending the side fence between the yard and the orchard.  I like the new fence look so much that if I just restretched the woven wire fence then I can just attach the three rails up and make it look the same. I am really liking the concept. 
I think its a grasshopper.

I have been working on spraying the star thistle.  Milestone and 2-4-D in the tractor sprayer.  I went a little heavy on the spray.  Unfortunately, the stuff is like gold.  Every 55 gallons is around $100.  Its painful to spray onto the hillside.  The worst part is the tractor is a lot higher than the mule and it is a lot easier to tip over.  I almost rolled it three times, I was wearing my seat belt but that is not very comforting when you are on three wheels and lowering the bucket is the only thing saving you.  I finally decided that taking Annmarie’s advice was prudent and started going up and down the hill.  In the rough rocky areas I used the hand wand, see I can learn! Another couple of spray tanks and I will be done.  I had to get up at 0400 to beat the heat but with the weather getting into six figures now, I am just holding off on all spraying.  On a positive note the star thistle I did spray was wilting on day 2.  I am adding picking rocks on the back hillside to my to do list.  Its the little six inch rocks that get under the back tire and rock the tractor just enough!.  I actually miss the huge rocks.  

Overhead walkway extended another ten feet.

We have been working on using up the old wood from the granary roof and floor supports.  Unfortunately, all the nails need to be removed from the wood before we can reuse it.  It is a slow painful process.  I want to extend out the walkway over the old jug area.  It will be used as a storage area. Plus I need the space in the hay storage room.  We should be getting more hay this year and I will need the space.  We also ripped out four of the old sheep jugs.  I want to install another feeder against the wall where the jugs used to be.  I just keep adding projects!  Eventually, I will be done with the big projects.  People ask me why I do it.  It is a ton of work, we spend around $15k a year on the farm getting it back into shape and don’t make it back yet.  It seems like a waste from the outside.  I enjoy it, it is my hobby and what keeps me grounded.  There is always something to do and I can see the fruits of my labor.  Compared to what the place looked like when we first moved here it is amazing to see all the changes.  I hope that when we retire the place will be perfect and in great working condition. 

Barn floor contents out behind barn.

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