Hay started.

Right side of field needing picked up.

Left side of field.

Well today was the day we started picking hay up off the ground.  It is going to take a while.  We have to get all those little bales off the ground and into the barn.  Cam came out to the farm today to help me with the hay.  He brought his dog, a 3.5 month old puppy with him.  The puppy just was not sure how to deal with that much dust and heat.  By the end he did not want to come out from under the trailer.  Meanwhile, Zeke is running around the field terrorizing the animals till he got hot and tired.  We had to clean out the hay room first and restack the leftover hay from last year near the front.  Once, we got to the bottom of the stack we started to see mice so I called Zeke into the hay room.  He killed three mice.  The weirdest part is he does not eat them.  He just bites them till they are dead then bites them a couple more times and spits them out.  Cam stepped on a vole tail in the field and Zeke finished it off.  He loves killing small rodents.  Not as much as he likes chasing sheep though, nothing trumps sheep in his book.  Not even chasing cats.  He works the cows for me but only because I want him to, if he had his way I don’t think he would do it.  We did two loads, around 3 ton of barley/oat hay.  The storage room is already starting to stack up.  I am definitely going to have to empty and rearrange the other side to get all the hay into the barn.  Tomorrow, another eager teenager is coming out to the farm to help me with the hay.  I don’t think he has ever done it before. 

First trailer load for the barn.

Riggs, 3.5 month old puppy.  He was not too excited about helping.  Brand new experience for him. 

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