Hay day 2.

Day 2 hay stacking.

Well day 2 is completed. Not only can my entire body now talk back to me, I have more blisters to prove it.  I started the morning of day two with two blisters and two bandaids covering those blisters.  The cloth bandaids worked wonders and those blisters were protected.  Now the other three I acquired on my right hand were not protected.  The one on the inside of my finger where the hay hook rubbed tore open.  I will now need five bandaids on Monday to pick up hay.  My helper for the day was a young man who needed some money.  He had never picked up or moved hay before.  He got the hang of it pretty quick, but I don’t think he realized how hard it was going to be.  On the plus side, it didn’t scare him away and he is willing to come back out again at the end of the week.  All my help is off for almost two weeks so I have just been taking the help whenever I can.  I really need to get a hay elevator.  Unloading the hay into the barn is the worst part.  We have it stacked over 17 feet high in the barn and you have to drag the bales up a bale ladder to get to the top.  My thighs and hips can tell you that it is not an easy thing.  We brought in 128 bales yesterday and approximately 80 the day before.  It was much cooler on day 2 and we started at 0600.  The early start made all the difference.  By the fourth load we were wearing out.  It took twice as long to unload it. 
Zeke was slaying voles left and right!  We got to where we would call him over before turning the bale over and then he would jump on the voles and bite them to death.  Not exactly pleasant for the voles.  He would spit them out onto the ground and wait for the next bale to be turned over.  After a couple of trips back and forth he must of decided he needed a protein pack.  He ate the last five!  In his defense, dinner was going to be another eight hours away.  At the rate we are filling up the barn I think we will need to use both hay rooms.  I will have to clean the boards out of the other one.  I also need to clean out the hay side of the machine shop so we can store the alfalfa. 

Today, I opted to not move hay.  Instead I sprayed weeds.  We had an infestation of goat heads and various other creeping weeds.  They should be crying by now, I finished spraying an hour ago. 

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