Hay done.

First bay as full as its gonna get.

Yesterday was the day, the hay is in!  I had two 17 year old boys walking along and loading bales onto the trailer. I drove and when back at the barn, unloaded while they stacked. We had to use the second bay.  Now there is about three ton in the second bay so we should be able to feed the horses without taking the hay all the way through the barn. We only picked up around fifteen ton of hay. Double last years amount and we are getting ten ton of large bales for the cows. The large bales are going to go in the machine shop hay storage area. We cleaned that out, and scraped it clean so it is all ready to go. I still need to get a custom chain hay hook device welded up. I am going to take thirty foot of chain and have large hay hooks welded to each end so I can yard out the big bales with my small tractor. The bales are too heavy for my tractor to lift but I can drag them around. 

The idea of converting the three grain bins to a guest house popped up again. If a composting toilet was used and a water storage tank, with a grey water drain to a flower bed it wouldn’t be too bad to convert. It’s just an idea at this point.   It would be a very cool vacation getaway for us to rent out. All solar powered, with a small propane fridge and heat. I love the idea. 
I am going to clean up the old house and reorganize all my tools hopefully then I can find what I need for the next project.  Once a year I go back into the old house and cleanup. I should do it more often, but as long as I can find tools I just keep going.  The wood for various projects is lying all over and needs to be sorted again so I can see what I do and don’t have. I have been looking at a Kregg jig for creating my kitchen door face plate on the cabinets. It’s about $250 for all the stuff I need plus the oak for the faceplate. I still need to look into premade door sizes.  
The 80 acre wheat field did very well this year despite the weather. Donna was pleasantly surprised. I am just glad someone else is doing it. 
Machine shop hay area ready for large alfalfa bales

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