Last baby cow of the year.

Pretty baby! Gender unknown at this point.

Annmarie and I went out this morning to get pictures of the two day old baby. I had seen it and knew it had some unique coloring. I couldn’t get close. So we stopped and picked done green apples to entice the cows to stay close. We left Zeke guarding the open gate and continued up the hill to the cows. I kept talking and started tossing apples. After the bull found one he came right over to me and took them from my hand. It is a little disconcerting to have him that close. He kept reaching out with his tongue for another apple.  The baby started walking toward Annmarie and just kept going. It got within four feet before she chased it off. The momma was standing behind baby stomping on ground and waving her horns. Annmarie called Zeke and he came running. As soon as the cows heard his name, they started looking around.  Once they spotted him they walked away from us. He was such a good boy!  It is amazing how much easier it is to work the animals. 

My only problem with Zeke is he thinks my commands are suggestions when I am calm. Once I start hollering, pointing and swearing he does exactly what I want. So basically, I have trained him to listen to me rant. It is a spectacle. 

2nd and last baby of 2015

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