Back deck progressing

Garden area ready for gravel

It occurred to me this morning after rereading my blog entry from last night that I was not very eloquent.  One may say I was downright dry and factual.  That is what happens after only three hours of sleep in 36 hours.  I usually upload the pictures to the blog on the same day I do the work, but most of the time wait a day or two to write the discourse.  This bites me in the proverbial butt when I am busy and working around the farm on a daily basis.  I don’t like to get too far behind hence my dry diatribe last evening.  I will forthwith correct my lackluster litany. 

Friday, I went to the dreaded Home Depot with Annmarie.  I needed some boards for the heat pump enclosure and Heath was out back digging up the garden area.  So progress was being made while I went shopping.  We picked up the cedar boards for the enclosure and two sets of risers for the stairs, a two and three stepper.  They are not cheap, but I did not want to cut them!!  I also picked up some pressure treated 2×12 for the actual steps.  I am still not sure how I am going to attach them to the concrete yet.  There area multitude of ways, and I have not settled on the easiest way yet.  I will probably just assemble the steps and see how they fit then decide how to attach them.  Annmarie wanted to go look at closet kits.  I will be putting in a real closet kit in our walk in closet soon.  It is coming.  We got a smattering of rain yesterday, not enough to do anything but hopefully the mountains that are burning up will get some precipitation.  I had big plans on going out and painting the front fence but it is starting to look like rain again.  Since the stain is water soluble, I don’t think that will be a good idea.  I will check the weather forecast.  I may have to finish cleaning up the garden area by the back gate.  There is a pile of dirt there that needs to be moved then the dirt on the backside of the fence needs to be raked out and flattened. 

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