Back garden.

We are going to put down gravel so there is no mud on the way to the root cellar.

It RAINED finally!  The weather person said it had a 15% chance but the clouds said higher when I looked up into the sky so I held off on painting the front fence.  Two hours later when the rain was pouring down I was mighty glad I had not done any painting.  So I went upstairs and spent that time cleaning the trash out of Sarah’s room.  I am up to eight or nine garbage bags so far.  I told Annmarie she would have to go through the clothes.  Sarah wanted some reading material mailed to her so all the classic books I had purchased over the years were stashed on her bookshelf.  I sent her a book of short stories by Jack London, Catcher in the rye, The Pearl, Tom Sawyer, The Help, All creatures great and small, All things bright and beautiful, and some other award winning books. She is trapped so I suspect they will all get read.
Late that afternoon I did get outside and shoveled dirt away from the cellar area.  It doesn’t look like it rained but it really did.  I moved as much dirt as I could over next to the house.  The water running off the roof for the last 80 years has caused the dirt level to drop within three feet of the house.  I want to fill all that in and raise the level up near the house.  I got an hour of digging in before dinner.  Between cleaning up Sarah’s room and the digging I made some good progress. 

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