Professional victim now has a permanent fence

New gate and fence.

Gary came out today to spend some time helping me.  After a fantastic potato, onion, bacon, and egg scramble breakfast we went out to install the new fence.  The professional victim alpaca needed a permanent fence.  I figured a gate was needed but I did not want to install four railroad ties.  I opted instead to just put one on each side of the gate and attach them at the top so they could not be pulled apart by the wire.  It worked pretty good.  We will see how it lasts over the next several years.  Annmarie had told me that the alpaca won’t test a fence so we strung the first wire at 20 inches and then two more strands above that.  This would allow the sheep to just graze under the fence if we put them in the orchard.  It took longer to set everything up and dig the holes than the rest of the fence install.  This is an awful time of the year to dig a hole or even drive T posts into the ground.  Once we had that done we pulled up all the old T posts that were installed years ago with wire to keep the animals away from the trees.  Now I need to bring over the cow panels and make them into rings.  This will keep the animals from all the new trees.  We cleaned up all our mess. 

This late evening when Annmarie came home the professional victim had gotten out of his new area.  He crawled under the fence!!  We went out and caught him, and put him back in his area.  I then grabbed another roll of wire and added a lower strand to the length of the fence.  We are hoping this keeps him in his new enclosure. 

I went out and attempted to dig three holes for new trees.  I spent over 30 minutes on each hole and only got down one foot.  I finally gave up and filled the holes with water.  I added water a couple of times and will try it again tomorrow.  I am hoping to get to the nursery this week. 

Fence crossed the ditch.

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