Orchard upgrade

My mother-in-law wanted two apple trees and an oak tree We discussed this last week.  She said there was a nursery in Hermiston where we could get trees.  I got a budget and had plans to do this sometime.  Sometime for me is very vague.  It could be next week it could be a couple of months or a couple of years.  Just ask any of the woman in my family!  I opted for sooner rather than later.  Annmarie and I had been talking about putting fruit trees back in the orchard field for years but I had never gone and gotten any trees.  Every tree has to have a rigid cow panel formed into a ring placed around it and some narrower wire wrapped around that with T posts holding it in place in at least three spots to keep the all animals away.  The cow panel adds a $25/tree expense.  Now the nice thing is the cow panels can be removed after the tree is beyond 2.5 inches thick.  The deer don’t like to rub on larger trees.  Annmarie and I went over to the nursery yesterday.  They had a 50% off on all trees and outdoor plants.  So we loaded up!  We got two different varieties of bunch grass for the front hillside and two different types of ground cover.  I am going to concentrate all the small plants on the right side of the hill by the wagon to see how they do next year.  We have seven fruit trees for us and one shade tree for our front yard and a shade tree for Donna and two apple trees for her.  Here are the tree types, Oak, for triangle at Donna’s, Arkansas Black apple and honey crisp apple for down by Donna’s house, Crimson Sunset maple for our front yard, 20th century oriental pear, Granny smith apple, Brooks prune, Honey crisp apple, Nectarine fusia, Red plum and Chinese apricot for our orchard.  I talked to the nursery about ordering full size apricot trees but I would need to order five trees.  I may still do that. 
We had to lay the two tallest trees down and then go back via the back roads.  At a max speed of 40 mph with an average of 35 mph it took quite a while to get back home.  I tried to follow Siri’s directions instead of going the Holdman route and she took us to a closed road with no throughput.  So we went the Holdman route.  Now I need to dig lots of holes in super hard ground with the tractor.  Once the holes are dug I am going to fill them with water for a few days to get the surrounding ground saturated.  It will make it easier to keep the trees watered once I get them in the hole.  We are going to use the ancient sheep waste compost dug out of the barn to root the trees in their new homes.  Today I will go buy some more cow panels.  In a five years there will hopefully be lots of fruit! 


Our nursery purchases.

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