Predators 3, Farm 1. Deer vs Car tie.

It’s only fitting that the farm come out swinging in the last month of the year.  I went out tonight with Zeke and Mouse to feed the animals and almost stepped on a possum!  Directly in the path to the barn laying down and not really moving was a possum.  Nasty dirty little creature, I could see him jonesing for a chicken.  I had to run back in the house for an appropriate dispatch device.  The possum was kind enough to wait for me to come back with my favorite chicken killer laser directed dispatch device.  One shot wonder to the rescue.  The current price and availability of 22 LR ammo necessitate the conservation at every opportunity.  Zeke of course ran to the barn when he saw the firearm emerge.  Mouse wasn’t sure what to do so he just stayed back ten feet and sniffed the ground where something had been just prior.  We went into the barn and fed all the sheep without any further attempts to create a chicken dinner.  Mouse thinks pushing the sheep around the barn is a fun event.  The sheep are afraid of him because he is a dog.  He has no idea that they would stomp him into the ground with nary a thought.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t listen to anyone.  I cannot call him off the sheep, so then I end up running around the barn chasing a puppy trying to keep him away from the sheep and any injury.  He is coming along so well, it is amazing how quick he is learning.  Sarah said he rang the bell to get let out four times today.  It was his first time ringing the bell!!

Annmarie called me this evening to tell me that she had hit a deer in her car on the way home.  The deer died alongside the road and the car is still drive able but not going any where.  She said the car had a shake, plus it was missing a headlight and some plastic pieces from the front right corner.  On the plus side she managed to dent the same side she hit the deer on last year!!  Always a bonus to get the old dent fixed at the same time.  So now I get to drive the pickup for a few weeks until our car is fixed.  The evil deer coalition has not won, our car will be back and in working order eventually.  This is merely a temporary setback for humankind. 

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