2015 Annual chicken summary

I know everyone has been waiting with baited breath for my 2015 chicken summary.  I made $289, ($473 less than last year but an actual profit for two years running!).  My annual expenses were $587 ($192 more than last year, losing two sets of chicks cost me over $60 plus I had to pay to raise them and I used more feed).  I purchased 1990# of chicken feed an increase of 490# over last year.  My average laying hens for the year were 22 hens (an increase of 3.5 hens).   I collected on average 8.9 eggs/day (a decrease of 0.1 eggs/day over last year) for a hen productivity of 41% for the year (an 8% decrease).  The hens consumed 0.61 lbs of feed/egg produced (0.16 lb/egg more than last year but almost identical to the year before).  It cost me $0.14/egg in feed expenses (5 cents/egg more than last year)for a total feed cost of $1.83/doz ($0.75/doz  more than last year).  My actual cost per dozen with all expenses added is $2.20/doz ($0.77 more than last year).  I collected 3259 eggs for the year.  I averaged 164 lbs feed/month used. My cost was in feed this year.  The surprising part is I purchased 2000lbs of feed on sale half way through the year.  I easily could have spent another $100 on food if I had not been searching for sales.  I have enough feed left over to get me to mid year.  Its why I don’t want to buy any right now.  I don’t want the feed to get too old, it loses nutritional value.  The good news is this is my second profitable year.  The bad news is feed costs are a direct contributor to my lowering the bottom line.  I am already buying in bulk so I cannot lower that any more.  I did have some chickens laying outside the coop and had to throw out those eggs.  I will need to fix the chicken wire around the coop that the sheep have torn away from the posts.  I will need to add a layer of sheep fencing inside the chicken yard to catch the panicked baby sheep when they get stuck in the chicken yard.  This will let me lock the chickens up in the coop for a few days in a row to teach them to use the nesting boxes again.  I should be doing this about every three months for three days in a row. 
I will go out this next weekend and cull all the boys except one rooster.  I cannot have any freeloaders throwing off my numbers!! 
I am still very happy with a profit!  Annmarie was sure the chickens would never pay for themselves. 

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