House progress

Spring is coming.

Custom drawers soon.

The weather is definitely changing.  It is starting to rain fairly frequently and I am only scraping off a light frost on the car windows at 0400.  I am not sure we really had a winter.  It didn’t really feel like it.  We have a whole lot of grain hay left.  The sheep are not starving as they are really picking through it and not really eating much of the stalk.  Its super dry and needed to be baled a little earlier to keep the green in it.  I just feed a lot of it and realize that the early summer barn cleanout is going to take a while.  I always hire this out to some lucky teenager.  I am not sure who it is going to be this year, time will tell. 
Zeke is getting out of the front yard.  We have come home twice and he was gone.  Mouse will be in the yard but no Zeke.  Unfortunately, that has meant Zeke stays on the run while Mouse gets to run around the yard all day.  It doesn’t seem fair but Zeke is pretty sneaky when it comes to getting around a fence.  He made a mistake on Friday though, he showed me his sneak out hole!  He literally gets in the creek drops his belly down in the water and crawls under the fence straddling the front creek.  I don’t have the fence down in the water because the fence catches live detritus and builds a dam.  It looks like I am going to have no choice if I want to keep Zeke in the yard.  I need to cut a small panel that will drop down into the water and I can remove it easily to clean out the detritus. 

Our custom walk in closet is making progress.  The three drawer inserts magically appeared in our closet last week.  I am hoping this means the drawers are done also.  After that, its hanging shelves, closet rods and some trim pieces.  I am hoping two more weeks before we are finished.  Once it is done then the great clothes purge of 2016 will ensue.  Both Annmarie and I will be doing our part.  We want to get rid of our dressers. 

I have only one job now, so I started back in on the house.  I installed the grey colored outlets in our kitchen.  They look very nice.  I went to do the three light switches put the grey ones were only single pole and I needed double pole.  I ordered the correct ones and they should be here in two weeks.  I saved all the outlets so I could use them elsewhere.  I will need outlets for the rental and the old house, same with switches. 

Old outlets

New outlets

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