Walk in closet proceeding.

Walk in closet built in dressers

Our walk in closet is slowly progressing.  Annmarie and I have decided that both of our built in dressers block the electrical outlets I had installed.  I am going to just move them up to the top of the dressers so we can still use them.  The wires are coming from the attic so it should be very easy for me to install two quick outlets.  I am hoping to get that done in a couple of weeks. I believe I have all the supplies at the house already.  Every day when we get home we run up to the closet to see if the cabinet maker was at the house!  It is progressing nicely, not as quickly as Annmarie would like but the work is very good and way faster than I was getting it done.  The cabinet maker came by today to make measurements and I happened to be home.  He told me he had some ideas on how to finish up the room but wanted to talk to Annmarie.  I don’t even know the ideas!  He never even voiced them to me.  It is fairly obvious who gave him his down payment.  He did say the drawer hardware and closet rods would be here next week and once installed we could start hanging clothes.  I sure hope so, because we have clothes every where.  We did agree that every item of clothing had to be inspected and sorted for giveaway before going into our new closet.  We have too many clothes. 

Drawers with faces

Sprout and Mouse have been crawling through the wide spaces in this gate.  Today I backed it with wire so neither one could sneak out of the yard.  Mouse is still in the front yard, but Zeke is finding a hole.  I cannot find it and it is starting to make me frustrated.  I think he is jumping between the upper rail and second rail, but until I catch him its all speculation.  He snuck out of the yard today already.  I have found Sprout and Mouse but no Zeke.  He will show up in a couple of hours.  Damn Dog. 

Wire covered gate so puppy and sprout will stay, hopefully

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