Chickens ready for another year

3000# chicken food

Well the last day of the farm supply store was today.  Luckily, last weekend I decided to make the annual run with the lovely bride.  We had a long list of items that needed to be purchased for the summer projects.  So I had to pump up all four trailer tires and hook up the trailer so we could haul all the stuff.  The nice part was the new shocks on the pickup work very well!  There is hardly any sag at all in the back end of the pickup.  I may have gone overboard on my purchasing quantity but the mouse only got into about four bags out of the 50 last year and just small holes.  I have mouse poison all over the storage area.  I got a great deal on chicken feed.  Only $11.99 for 50# of layer pellet, $9.99 for 50# chicken scratch and $7.99 for 50# cracked corn.  The corn is for winter only as a supplement.  I picked up 50# of oyster shell also.  Its a little expensive when you buy a total of 60 bags but for the year I will never get it cheaper. 
The Alpaca have eaten their pasture down and the cows have been out on the lower pasture.  So we decided on locking the cows out of the car/house area and letting the alpacas roam free.  This has worked out great.  They are super benign and don’t damage anything.  
Pretty soon it will be fencing time!  I am looking forward to getting outside and getting some new fence built.  The weather was great today but I could not get off of work to get anything done.
Chicken food stacked in back of coop ready for another 16-18 months.

Alpacas are now running around out by the cars and houses.

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