Ready for bin grabbing

Five days worth of eggs

Well, its crunch time!  Annmarie wants some progress on the house and I am starting to get stir crazy with the new job.  I keep trying to play catch up but there is always another crisis at work.  I am starting to learn to just work on certain tasks and deadlines while leaving a lot of free time to deal with the inevitable issues.  I am not sure I understood how much is involved in being the manager.  On the plus side, I can see the end of the tunnel.  Its time to set things in place and quit changing stuff for a while.  Let everyone get used to the newness and let it turn into the normal.  This has prevented me from getting a lot done on the farm.  The weather was incredible over the weekend and I had to work. 
I told Annmarie I would bring over the bins from Grandma Ruby’s house so we could put them in the back garden and have an elevated garden out our back door.  The only problem is I need some help.  My normal help is in Alaska and I don’t want to wait.  So I asked around and got some help from a friend who is working this week in town.  The only catch is he has to leave at 0730.  So he will be out at our house at 0500 to help me. 
This meant I had to get ready for tomorrow this evening after work.  I went out and gassed up the tractor, moved it around to the front of the house and on the way by the lambing shed I attached the box blade.  I need the additional counter weight on the back half of the tractor.  I went to attach the trailer to the pickup and realized I never unloaded the fencing stuff off the trailer.  I had to get that done before I could move the trailer.  I tossed in some spacer boards, a shovel and a lever in the back of the pickup and made sure the heavy duty straps were present.  We may try the straps instead of a chain.  The chain worked but the strap might not slide as badly.  Once I came inside I had to cook some bratwurst so we can have cold bratwurst, fresh apple, slice of cheese and a slice of sourdough bread for breakfast on the go.  Coffee, lots of coffee. 
I went out to the chicken coop and got eggs, I had not done that for five days.  I obviously need to collect them a little more often.  The chickens didn’t even need feed, I was amazed.  Now I just have to figure out how to find a couple more customers.   

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