Garden one step closer

Future garden

Back patio coming together

It is really happening.  We are going to get a garden planted and in at our house for the first time since we have moved back.  We always did the garden at Grandma’s house.  She always loved to garden and there was always too much food for us to bother with planting our own.  We told her that when we made her elevated garden it would not be wasted.  Once she died, we would move it to our house and continue to use it.  She never wanted anything to go to waste.  So today at 0500 a friend came over and we drove the tractor and trailer into town and picked up all the horse troughs and got them loaded onto the trailer.  It went better than I expected.  Annmarie suggested we use the heavy duty straps instead of the chain I tried first.  The straps worked much better.  It only took us a couple of hours to get them loaded and that was with a 15 minute drive each way.  It took me almost 20 minutes just to get the trailer over into the ram pasture.  The gate is too close to the culvert and I have been taking dirt from that area creating a small cliff.  I had to back the trailer in through the gate and it took about 10 tries to get it right. 

I decided to add some bricks to our back deck area before I toss on the paver sand and form a solid slab.  Hopefully, next year we can get the clear roof over this deck.  We will be able to go outside during the summer rainstorms!  I love the smell after a good rainstorm.  I used up about 2/3 of our brick pile so there isn’t a lot left to work with.  I think I want to install one more pad where you step off the steps over by the heat pump.  It’s a high traffic area.  Tomorrow bright and early we are going to unload the troughs and place them in the back yard. After that is done then I need to get a custom gate and fence built over by the back porch to keep the sheep and dogs out of the garden area.

Brick pile is a lot smaller now

Zeke is still jumping the front fence.  I have not had time to put up the two hot wires so he is discouraged from jumping.  The hot wires would not work if he was not cheating.  He jumps up and pushes himself off of the top railing. 

I am still looking for house jacks.  Home Depot does not carry them, color me surprised.  So I will be calling the local rental tool store in the hopes that I can rent them..

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