Creature feature

The lawnmower is still not working.  When I attempt to start it the sound is just like random gunfire.  It never really takes off and runs, it gets almost to the point where it will then a loud explosion emanates from the mower.  I am going to have to load it into the pickup and take it into people who actually know what they are doing.  Our yard is past the mowing stage and into the weedeater stage.  If I let it go another two weeks we could make hay out of it.  I may be forced to run the sheep into the yard for a few days to knock it down, 88 sheep can take it down in a few days. The real problem with this solution is I have to keep the dogs inside most of the time, a situation that the puppy is not going to like.  Also, this leaves lots of fresh sheep manure all over the yard and every dog likes to eat it and roll in it.  This causes lots of doggy Nirvana and much eweing from us. 

I did repair the broken step with scraps laying around the shop.  I am a firm believer in repurposing as much as possible.  It is very functional and cheap!!  Unless I build metal steps I will have to rebuild these about every 6-8 years. 

Step repaired

I am about to wage war on the chicken killers again.  For the last week Annmarie has been hearing scratching at our back fence in the middle of the night.  My mother-in-law stated that some animal tried to drown one of her cats last week.  I had plans to start the WAR tonight with a live trap and keep up the battle until the all clear is sounded.  We were not sure what type of critter was causing the mayhem.  At O’Dark Thirty when I went to work yesterday I spotted a possum on the road.  So now we know what we are up against.  Extra large marshmallows are going to be the cage bait.  I am hoping the cats will stay away from this.  If not then it takes about a week to teach all the cats to stay away from the trap.  I will pick up the trap and shake it when the cats are inside.  They don’t like it and when released run away.  They almost never get caught twice.  Time will tell but I intend to triumph. 

Spring 2016 on the farm.  I never get tired of the view.

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