Spraying officially beginning

Spraying upper prime field, just in time

Pump pond full now just got to fix the inlet seal


Kitchen cupboards with doors

A couple of new shelves and pull out shelves

I spent the day trying to get the irrigation pump up and running.  This sounds easy but since there are NO local stores that sell anything to do with farming irrigation I had to drive to Hermiston.  First, I had to remove the clamshell clamp on holding the inlet pipe onto the pump housing.  It is made out of cast aluminum and I cracked half of it last year tightening it.  I figured I would remove, it drive to Hermiston and get another one at the irrigation store. We have no local irrigation stores any more. I drove to Hermiston only to find out that I should have taken some pictures of the setup before tearing it apart. The place was very busy, I am timely for once, so when my turn came I was informed that my part was obsolete. Very obsolete even ancient. So a suggestion was made for me to go across the street to the custom metal fabrication shop and get it welded. I made it across four lanes of traffic and talked with someone. It will cost the same for aluminum or stainless steel. I opted for steel. He only wanted to fix the broken half. I opted to redo the whole thing, about $300.  It will be done this week. I also bought 30 gaskets to go inside the irrigation pipe for a paltry $100. As soon as I have the collar I can fire up the pump and see if it works!! While in Hermiston I tried to get my plastic sprayer part. The store sold the sprayers but did not carry the part. I told the clerk that it needed to be remedied. When I got home my handle and the spare I ordered had arrived. I knocked the pin out and beat it back in place with the handle now aligned. I was able to start spraying Friday evening until dark. On Saturday I finished spraying 2-4-D, 220 gallons of mixed spray. I just have the lower fields to do now. The next thing is spraying Roundup on the driveway and fence lines. 
Our master bedroom walk in closet is done!!  It turned out great there is so much more storage space that we are unsure what to do with it. Annmarie loves it. Our downstairs cupboards are almost done. They just need knobs but the cabinet guy wanted to know where she wanted them exactly. 
Walk in bedroom closet done

lots of space

My corner

The shoe rack

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