Irrigation woes

Stupid trailer won’t go through the gate

I went out this afternoon to get the pump up and going and water on the ground.  I changed out three gaskets, shortened the flexible hose about 16 inches and reattached it and found a hole in the aluminum pipe near the pump and changed it out.  I also installed six more sprinklers, risers and valves.  I was ready to make rain!  I fired up the pump, once I figured out to close the discharge valve (12 gallons of water utilized in an attempt to prime a bottomless pump tubing).  I got soaking wet but it started to work, no major leaks, looking good when 20 seconds in the 20+ year old flexible hose ripped wide open in a foot long gash and sprayed water all over the pond causing the whole pump to tip.  I quickly hit the power supply.  I was dead in the water.  I decided to go back to the house and load up more pipe for the orchard onto the pipe trailer.  Now I didn’t want to take all the unusable pipe off so I just added more to the pile.  I have had some issues getting the trailer through the narrow gates. 
Annmarie blames this on me hooking up to the trailer with the bucket and a chain.  I have been unwilling to unhook the mower and use the back hitch on the tractor.  I am a firm believer that this would not make a difference but she is not so convinced.  So I got the back axle stuck in the fence and had to use the pickup to pull it sideways 1.5 feet so it would go through the gate.  The really big obstacle is the culvert in the orchard.  It is not very wide and the trailer is 35 feet long.  I swung really ride and thought I was gonna make it!  Annmarie started to holler at me to stop, I figured the wheel would drop into the ditch and I could just pull it out with the tractor.  Nope!!  It got lodged in the end of the culvert and would not come out.  There was much mud on my face as I apologized for not listening.  We finished laying sprinkler line in the orchard and then I picked up the trailer end with the tractor.  There was a new bend in the pipe joining the two axles. I am going to have to get that fixed.  Tomorrow after work I will get a new flexible hose and fire up the pump again!  Hopefully this time everything works properly.

When the wife says stop,  you wave and keep on going!

I did say she said to “stop”?

Found this on the pipe trailer

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