Predators 3, Farm 2

Barn floor

I came home last night and spotted a raccoon running up one of front trees!  I could not believe the audacity of the critter.  Mouse treed it and I ran inside to arm myself against the invasion.  There was a brief internal struggle as to what type of weapon should I bring.  Do I go for the shotgun?  I wasn’t sure where in the tree it would be and didn’t want to damage the tree.  Do I just grab the trusty Walther P22?  If it is way up high in the tree this might cause me problems.  I opted for the standard Ruger 10/22 but I have left the bolt action at mom’s house so I had to get the one out of the zip up case, loaded it and then grabbed the Walther P22 because one can never be really sure about which weapon is truly needed.  It took me a while to find it in the tree.  Then all I could see was its face looking out behind a large branch.  So the rifle was a good first choice.  As it came down out of the tree I had to switch to the pistol.  One more chicken killer down. 

We had to take Mouse into the vet for cheat grass removal between his toes.  He got an abscess.  This happened to Zeke as a puppy also.  Puppies are too stupid to clean out their own feet.  Zeke is really good about it now.  So Mouse is on antibiotics and we now have to clean out his feet every day.

Barn floor

Heath is cleaning out the barn and making good progress.  I am hoping it gets done by the end of the week.  After the barn the next big thing is to clean out the chicken coop then to move the hay around in the barn to get ready for this years hay. We have to restack the old stuff so it gets used first.  It is so dried out we may just feed 50% old and 50% new till we run out of old. 

Sarah talked me into helping her create a chalkboard for wedding party names for a friend’s wedding.  She supplied all the painting labor and I supplied the cutting and assembly.  She helped me hold during the assembly part.  It came out nice but it took me almost 3 hours in labor without doing any painting.  It does seem like Pinterest was invented as some fancy Man Torture, just saying. 


Wedding board finished

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