Catching up on chores, summer is here

Last of the lambs.  Only 10 left alone.

I knew I was behind on my posts.  This one is from June 6.  I saved the pictures I thought and tonight when I was looking at my phone I realized that it was telling me to retry the upload.  I had a low light picture of seven bucks but it was too blurry to post.  I was walking down to turn off the irrigation pump and 9 bucks were drinking in our front creek.  I hope they come back during hunting season.  I still don’t know if I got a tag or not.  It would have been a cool picture.  The iphones just do not take decent low light pictures in my opinion.  Pretty quick it will be time to sort off the baby sheep again from the main herd.  They can go hang out with their brethren in the barn lot.
I put an add up on Craigslist for our two baby calves to be sold in mid July.  They will be six months old and can be weaned off of their moms. 
Our babies for sale, only one visible.

It only took two weeks to sell our sheep on Craigslist this time.  That is pretty fast for us.  Last time it took all summer long.  It helps when someone wanted all we had and we had to limit them to 30.  Annmarie and Sarah took care of that while I was off at a funeral. 

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