Fencing again. Last of it done

 This is a dumb problem. I had to finish the fence redo.  It’s all stretched tight and rebuilt from Donna’s house to four corners. I had the daughter’s boyfriend out in the heat helping me finish it until sundown on Wednesday night. There is one little section at the end of the barley field that needs to be stretched. That piece will only keep the animals off the road and into the barley field. But since the fence next to the field is all complete there is no need for that little stretch. I can finish it late this fall. 
I have seen over 8 bucks on the property. There is one nice sized buck, we will see if he sticks around until hunting season. There are several does with brand new fawns running all over the property this week. The fawns appear to be only a few days old. 
The chicken coop is all cleaned out. I just need to make the baby chicken area fire proof before the next batch of chicklets are brought home. I will line the entire area with concrete board. 

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