Stupid bull! Now I am almost done

This is not a bull proof gate.  This is one the bull lifts and crawls under.

New gate in progress

I was sure the fencing excursion was complete.  The fence looks great, its been redone all the way to the road.  I had plans to help Sarah unpack and straighten out in her new house but had to go on EMS run.  Then after charting and going home for breakfast, I had a nice visit with a friend who came out to mow the lawn.  The lawn was mowed on Thursday so we had coffee and chewed the fat.  I finally got in to see Sarah when Donna called to say the bull had gotten out into the wheat field.  I was beyond flabbergasted!  How could this happen?  The fence is perfect.  I knew there was no way he could get through yet he was out in the wheat field, so evidence would suggest otherwise.  Unfortunately, at the same time I got another EMS call.  I sent Sarah’s boyfriend out to the house and told him to get the dogs, put Mouse on the 30 foot lead and push the bull back into the bottom pasture and figure out where he was getting out.  By the time I got back out to the house the bull was back in the lower pasture and Julian had figured out that the bull got through the gate.  The gate was just a cow panel wired at both sides across the 16 foot opening.  He had just lifted it in the middle with his horns and crawled right under.  He is no slouch in the mental capacity/Houdini mindset.  I had some old used gates I had picked up this spring stacked and ready to go but had not put them into the fences yet.  I really was trying not to fence very much this year.  It was supposed to be a slacker year on the fence.  Instead I have rebuilt three sections of fence and need to do two more!  I am going to have to find time for the other two sections or they are going to bite me in the rear. 
I had to go get the tractor and Julian brought the gate.  The gate was quite a bit smaller than the opening so we just used the cow panel to create another rock crib.  This does multiple things for us.  One it makes the gate usable, two it stabilizes the wooden rock crib which is starting to twist from the pressure of the fences attached, and three it gives us a place to toss all the large rocks.  We picked up rocks from the adjacent field and an old rotted rock crib.  The first three rocks were almost 800 lbs each.  The tractor could barely lift them.  The first one went over fine, the second one I almost tipped the tractor over on its side, Julian had to stand on the tractor and hang away from the tire to provide enough counter balance to let me lift the rock over the fence, the third one was so wide and deep that the only way to stop the tractor from tipping over was to dump it out.  I left the third rock, it was just too dangerous to move.  We moved six buckets worth of rocks over to our rock crib then had to lift them with the bucket again and drop them in.  It did not go near as far as I would have liked.  Over two ton of rocks and it looks like a drop in the bucket. 

New gate up, still need to finish filling the rock crib. The bull is proving to be a formidable opponent.

Wheat kernels look a little small, harvest soon will see

We chained the gate closed with two separate chains!  The bull should not be able to screw with the gate anymore.  I need to work on getting more rock into the crib and a small piece of cow panel to go over the blue gate so the sheep don’t just crawl through it.  Since there are currently no sheep where they can get to this gate the urgency has been lowered on the panel.  I also forgot to wear a hat so three hours in the sun has created a very red dome on my head. 

We looked at the wheat on our way to inspect the gate tonight and found that the kernels next to the road appear to be very small.  They should be harvesting soon so it will be interesting to see what the yields really are.  Our upper hay field has been cut so pretty soon I am going to have to start moving hay.  I never did buy that hay elevator, so it will have to be moved up onto the hay stack with pure manpower.  I really need to get one for next year. 
I keep saying my farming crisis are finished for the year but I keep being wrong.  I suspect there is a pattern here I just need to figure it out. 

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