Fencing take 2

Johnathon told me yesterday he had to leave at 1100 on Friday. So I changed the start time to 0500!  Sounded reasonable on Thursday at 1300. By Thursday night at 2200, I had worked for another 5 hrs and was tired. Annmarie had to wake me up at 0500. My subconscious brain had refused to turn on any alarm. Luckily he was running a little late, we got started at 0530. We finished the side fence post installation. It took on average 20 strikes with the post hole driver to sink a T post. Going across the field it only took 9 whacks. 
I left the tractor at the house. I needed a safer day. We spent the rest of the time repairing the old fence and tightening it up.  Installing wooden stays as the T posts are 16 feet apart. There is one 16 foot gate I need to install and for now I will use our temporary woven electric fence to cover the gate area. We made the gate 32 feet wide between the fields. 
When we were done I paid him, went inside and fell asleep on the living room floor for a half hour nap. I was tired!!  Now I need to put in another 32 wooden stays and string new wire on the waiting posts. I was amazed at the number of voles. One every four feet all over the field. 

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