Tree falling

We had six pine trees just outside the yard. For years Annmarie and I always thought they were cedar trees, so despite their deformed appearance and leaning tendencies we were letting them alone. Well once someone told us they were pine trees two months ago we have been jonesing to cut them down. Well, maybe only me but it is a real problem. 
First the chain saw had to get fixed again. Last week I was able to pick it up all ready to go and with a new chain. A new chain always guarantees sharpness as long as it is not dulled on installation. 
I came in from picking up another 33 bales of hay and the chainsaw was just outside the fence. It’s naked bar a siren call for my testosterone poisoned brain. I picked up my baby and headed for the trees. Now the real challenge is there is a parallel fence running alongside two sides of the trees. I only wanted to drop the trees in the same direction in a 90 degree arc. The trees are severely deformed and leaning toward one fence. 
As a kid my father used to drag me to the mountains every summer to cut 10 cord of wood, we left for the mountains at 0430.  We had to be next to the trees as the sun was rising. No daylight could be wasted. My father taught me how to fall trees. We used to cut tamarack only so we usually had to fall a lot of trees. There is a true art to making a tree go where you want it. Also, it’s not safe. Every once in a while the tree doesn’t cooperate or its rotten in the middle or the wind suddenly gusts so you must always be wary.  I dropped the first five right where I wanted. The last one was the smallest tree and leaning the farthest over the fence. Despite my notch and angles cut the tree came back and pinched my saw blade. I had to go get the tractor and a rope to pull the tree off my saw blade and provide tension while I finished the cut. The tree fell where I wanted it. 
Some things bring back memories of loved ones surprisingly you cannot always tell what those things are like the roar of a chain saw and the smell of wood chips 

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