The sky is our new frontier

It was RoundUp week and I managed to carve out a Wednesday to get our trench dug for the new power outlet in the machine shop.  We need a better internet provider. Our phone line internet provider is too slow. When we stream tv we have to put every device but Roku in airplane mode. It is a pain and we deserve better. So after two separate consultations if we can get an antenna 20 feet in the air on top of the 25 foot tall machine shop we can get an internet signal from the Pendleton airport. The only real big hangup here is the antenna needs electrical power of which there is none in the old machine shop.  

So on Wednesday after our telephone line was marked I rented a trenching machine for half a day. I figured it would only take an hour or two. I was off by a couple of hours. It took almost 3.5 hours to get across the driveway. The machine beat me up and is almost too big for me to wrench around.  I got the trench dug and the machine all cleaned off and back to the rental business in under four hours. 

We decided to spend the afternoon in Pendleton shopping. We found another great hand woven woolen rug. We looked at 20 different rugs but settled on this color and design. This rug will actually go on the floor in our bedroom. We brought it home and compared it to our wall rug. They are identical!  Our new rug is just bigger. Next year we will get a different pattern and a different color. 

I spent four hours on Friday hand digging under the concrete slab and digging out in the machine shop I was unable to get all the electrical parts as it was RoundUp. If you live here you understand that every thing stops for a week. So I will be shopping for the last few pieces, and waterproof outlet. Soon the skies will solve our internet woes!  

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