Musings from the farm.

It is September now, I would like to say that it is still summer but the leaves are already turning. Fall is just around the corner. Annmarie has started walking in the mornings with the dogs. It’s not hard to see why we like it here. It is very beautiful. 

Mouse still has not caught onto the whole jumping thing. He watches Zeke do everything but he hasn’t figured out how to jump. So when they get to the cattle guard Zeke just leaps over but Mouse has decided to take his instructions from Annmarie. He walks over the cattle guard just like her!!  I have never seen a dog do that before. 

The weather was perfect for the quail this year, they were able to hatch two separate batches of babies. The current batch is pretty young but our quail population is on the rise. 

This is a picture of the farm from the opposite hill. The two huge trees hide the house pretty well. 

We ended up with fruit from our newly planted fruit trees last year. I truly did not believe that it would amount to anything so we ignored the trees. We went out yesterday and picked a two gallon container of Asian pears. They are plum size as I did not thin the fruit. They are the best Asian pears I have ever eaten!!  They are so sweet!!  Tree ripened fruit is the best. I will definitely be thinning the fruit next year. 

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