Winter is supposed to be here.

The weather has been amazing. It has been raining off and on fairly steadily. This has put a serious crimp on my plans to move hay but everything is turning green. It’s November and the hillsides are turning green. I spent the weekend mowing all the dead weeds in the pastures. I will be ready for herbicides in the spring. We turned all the sheep loose onto the upper prime pasture and they went from four bales of hay a night to one. There is a good month of grass available as long as it doesn’t freeze super hard. 
 I have some weird super poky thistle cropping up in several places. This is what is prompting the herbicide application in the spring. The stuff is super nasty. Killing the yellow star is an added bonus! 
My nephew complained because I mowed down all the good pheasant habitat. 
I also managed to pick up all the sprinkler pipe on the lower section of the field and hang it on the fence. 
The dogs are loving getting to work the sheep every night and the cows three times a week. Mouse wont hardly let up on the alpaca. I have to constantly yell at him and watch him like a hawk. Once we get in the barn he does great but out and about he wants to chase everything. 
 Freshly mowed lower pasture near the old schoolhouse. Now if I could get a lightbulb to stay working in the chicken coop I could get eggs.  

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