2016 Chicken Financials first half of the year

These are the financials for the first six months of 2016.  On average I had 24.9 laying hens (0.5 decrease) giving me 8.4 eggs/day(increase 1.6 eggs/day) for a productivity rate of 32% (7% increase). I am feeding on average 158.3# chicken feed/month(decrease 24.7 #/month) for a grand total of 950# this year already (400# increase).  My monthly feed bill is $37.64/month (decrease $6.32/month).  My feed costs are $1.97/doz (decrease of $0.71/doz)with my total cost of production at $2.30/doz (decrease of $0.38/doz), this was from having to buy bedding for the chicken coop.  My chickens are consuming 0.64 lbs food/egg produced (decrease 0.26lbs/egg), spring is here and gone with chickens free ranging for all they are worth. It is costing me $0.15/egg ($0.07/egg decrease) in feed.  I have collected 1491 eggs to date (increase in 896 eggs).  My total feed costs are $225.81 (increase of $93.92) and my extra expenses are $41.30 for bedding.  I currently am profiting $36.89 for the year!  I am in the black finally.

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