2016 chicken financials first quarter

I am a little behind on the chicken financials.  Now that the child is gone from the house I have lost my data entry person.  So now I have to do it.  This has led to some serious procrastination.  In my defense, our company was down and out of the picture for almost two months before we got a new one, and I am still learning how to use a Mac computer.  It is different and not quite like making my ipad work.  I am now entering data for the entire year of 2016 but will stop every quarter so we can get a cumulative look at the chicken financials.  Everyone loves the chicken report!!
These are the financials for the first three months of 2016.  On average I had 25.4 laying hens giving me 6.6 eggs/day for a productivity rate of 25%. I am feeding on average 183# chicken feed/month for a grand total of 550# this year already.  My monthly feed bill is $43.96/month.  My feed costs are $2.68/doz with my total cost of production at $2.68/doz.  My chickens are consuming 0.92 lbs food/egg produced and it is costing me $0.22/egg in feed.  I have collected 595 eggs to date.  My total feed costs are $131.89 and my extra expenses are $0.  I currently am losing $43.89.
Losing money is never a good thing but it is winter and I usually don’t break even in the winter.  It will get better when the chickens can free range and increase their productivity.  

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