Nah, it snowed

A lot has been happening but nothing is really moving. It’s weird. The weather is very unsure of where it is going. Today we are again surrounded by snow on all the mountains. I had a conference all weekend so I took Monday off to catch up.  I actually left a little early on Sunday, after four days I was tired.  Sunday I needed to go out and check in the hay in the lean to for the cows. I figured I would need to pitch fork it to the front for the cows so I was carrying a pitchfork with me as I left the barn. 
I had just gotten past the sheep about 30 feet from the barn when I realized the ram was sizing me up and getting ready to bum rush me. He charged, I turned the pitchfork around and clobbered him upside the head!  We kept this up four more times. At this point I realized my grave error in not bringing the dogs with me. Yes, we usually do chores with the dogs but Zeke has been sneaking off and pissing me off. So I just left them in the yard, not a good decision.  I had to get serious about thumping the ram upside the head, he just kept charging me!  I started swinging for all I was worth and finally laid one upside his head and ear that made him turn and saunter away with his head held sideways. I managed to get to the cow feeder. The sheep had managed to get into the area and make a mess. I shoveled hay back up to the front of the feeders for the cows. 

There was a moment there were my love of the new lambs went away and survival started to kick in while battling the ram. We love his babies but I will not be ran into the ground. I now take the dogs every time. 

I also decided to tear up the gravel road and smooth it out. It was pretty smooth but the top three inches were loose. It rained for the next two days causing even more mud!  I need to rework the driveway when it is a little drier and we can pack it down with vehicle travel and not rain. 

We are going to have to order another 10 yards of 1.5 ” gravel and 20 yards of 3/4- gravel. The big rock is for our dirt road and the little stuff is for fencing and drainage in the barn lot. We are going to have to rework the entire horse area. It’s needs new fencing and a new drainage system so it is not an 8 inch deep mud pit. 

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