Spring is trying to show up

Spring really wants to be here. She just cannot seem to stay. Every few days the snow comes down the hillside almost to our house. By the next day it starts to melt off, the back creek rises and we repeat the entire endless cycle. 
The birds all think it’s spring. The are singing and making endless noise. The animal volume becomes a constant dull roar in the spring at our house. Everyone wants a mate!  

We ordered our downstairs floor tile, 900 sq ft. It will do the entire house minus the laundry room. I had plans to do the library and the hallway this spring. This will cause me to have a two foot offset section near the kitchen. So I am going to do the library and under the stairs. 
 This will leave, a maximum of 6 inch overhang probably less. I have the library empty but I need to empty out all the space under the stairs. I have stuff all the way under the stairs. We are running out of locations to stack stuff. It’s going to start looking like a construction zone again. This has a tendency to agitate the wife. 
The tile company called yesterday and said our tile was in!  I will go over this week and pick it up. We are going to use the root cellar as our storage area for the tile job. This is going to take a couple of years. The only demolition I will need to do for the tile job is the kitchen floor needs to have the top layer of lineoleum and subfloor removed. I also have to dismantle the custom shelves in the kitchen I made from the old doors and wood kicker trim. That whole thing will have to be removed and then the bottoms of the doors shortened so it still fits. 

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