Help I am stuck

The upper hay pasture is green.  Unfortunately, this is all spontaneous growth. It needs to be sprayed, tilled back under and replanted this spring. I need to finish the fence surrounding this section of property.  
Annmarie called me out to the barn the other day. I was once again in the throes of illness. She just asked me to come out to the barn. Rarely, does she ask for me to come out to the barn and especially not when I am ill. I drug myself out of bed, got dressed and headed out to the barn. When I got to the barn I hollered for Annmarie and I heard a reply from the second hay room. 
It turns out Zeke had been climbing the alfalfa stack and got stuck on the top. AnnMarie climbed the stack and threw off a couple bales so Zeke could get off the stack. Unfortunately, now she cannot get off the stack. I, of course, took the time to snatch a picture before helping AnnMarie down. My help consisted of directing her foot steps on her climb down. From above you cannot see where to step so my directions did actually provide some help. She got down without falling or having to kick any more bales off the stack. 

 Tally: 19 mice killed in coop (Traps vs Dogs) 12 mice killed in barn.  I keep thinking I am going to kill all the mice in the coop but they just keep showing back up. Two of the mice died beside the traps with no body part in the traps, scared to death.  I am now starting to get small mice. 
The dogs have only killed two mice in the barn. I only count for the dogs if I see the dead mouse. They have been actively hunting them when we are out there but without any credit. 
The upper prime pasture is getting super wet. The front irrigation ditch is filling up with water. This has never been this far down since we have moved back. If it keeps filling up it may run. If this happens it is going to wash out my crossing. I never put in a culvert as there had been no running water. I have a couple of ten foot culverts if I need to install something. 

I need to work on the fencing in the barn lot. I did bend the fence back upright. There are a couple of broken T posts and I need to install some railroad ties so the fence cannot be pushed over. 
We have been talking about creating a pen inside the barn lot also to house the bull and the ram both. 

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