Back to being productive

Just as it started to rain I snapped the below picture of the house.  I didn’t realize there were two rainbows until I looked at the picture.  The bottom rainbow was very bright and intense. 

  It is time to start back in on projects.  I am still not 100% but things need to happen so I am just going to start whittling away at the list of items.  Our floor tiles came in so I drove over yesterday to pick them up.  I did not know there were two pallets worth of them, 4000lbs!  They managed to get them in the back but my poor truck just cried when the fork lift let the weight of the second, and largest, pallet down.  Luckily, I just had the shocks replaced.  Unfortunately, I still need to put some kind of overload device on still whether its air bags or overload springs.  I have a tendency to overload it a few times a year.  Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain so I had to tarp and cover every thing.  I knew I was going to tear down the pallets when I got home.  I just had not added up what kind of torture it would be to unload 75 boxes of tile from the back of the pick up, down the stairs across the bridge, across the yard and down into the root cellar.  It was not fun this also means every box of 8 tiles weighs 53.3 pounds or each 1.5 sq ft tile weighs 6.7 pounds.  They are very nice solid tiles!  I will try and get a picture of the tiles when I do the calculation for figuring out the starting point in the library.  

I was saved from 75 types of torture to only 35 when the skies opened back up and started to pour water out of the sky.  I need the cardboard boxes holding the tile to not disentegrate.  So I just covered it al back up and vowed to return tomorrow.  Instead of unloading boxes I am updating the blog!
But enough procrastination as Annmarie needs the computer for a school paper.  The dogs are bugging me about going outside any ways.  

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