Weather be damned

My morning started out very pleasantly.  I got to talk with anmarie while she got ready for church, then while I made breakfast I had coffee with my nephew. After that I went out to start my morning unfortunately I still had tiles to unload.  This is the third day and my shoulders are sore. One of the problems with a monotonous task is its boring. It still has to be done. Every time I threw another box onto my shoulder it hurt!  It felt like pure torture. I keep myself distracted by doing math. Doesn’t everyone?  I calculated that I had 30 of 75 boxes left to carry. I had 1650 pounds of tile to schlep to the root cellar. Each box was worth $53.3.  This calculation was ongoing after every box I redid the math to see how much was left and how much I had already carried.  It felt like forever but I did get done before the rain started. After I got undressed this evening I realized why my shoulders hurt so much, both of them are solid bruises. 


It’s time to get back into fencing but the weather is just not cooperating. I am going to start with a double gate arrangement in front of the lamb shed that allows us to give access to the barn from the soon to be built pen and outside access. It involves using two gates on opposing corners in a square pen arrangement. Unfortunately I cannot just install four posts and call it good. I need to add L shaped supports to keep the gate posts from falling over. 
The ground is rocky and hard. I had to use the breaker bar repeatedly to break up the rocks. It took 30 minutes a hole just to dig. I now bury the posts in gravel. I tap it down with a wooden handle then use the breaker bar to tap it down until it is tight. 
I was able to get one gate installed and one L completed. I still need to finish cutting off the support boards. I put the railroad tie on the outside edge of the building was to protect it. The animals are rubbing on the corner and tearing it up.
I hurt and feel miserable. I am not ready to be at this level of activity. My Apple Watch told me I burned over 1300 calories today!  That is the most I have done since I got my watch. I can tell. 
50% completed!  

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