Spring is really going to happen

I had a directive to get the subfloor inside installed so I could start laying tile inside the house. It was a good plan and one I was going to follow. It started out slow as I slept in till 0630 as I was sore from the previous days digging. While I slept AnnMarie started our taxes. So when I woke up she wanted me to re figure how our money was spent on the farm. It seems that my tracking of expenses and income vary wildly from the IRS. So the numbers had to be all added up again. While doing this Donna stopped by to say the neighbors bulls were out in our lower wheat field. So the dogs went with us to run the bulls back across the road and into their pasture. We called the neighbor first. As we were walking down the fence line we spotted this deer carcass trapped in the fence. It’s a young deer that got its rear leg stuck. I could not get it loose and will need to come back with wire cutters and cut it out and repair the fence. It made us a little sad and we would have cut it loose this winter had we seen it. The bulls went back with very little effort. The dogs did not get to chase them at all. Their mere presence had the bulls moving where they needed to go. 
A friend brought a dump trailer over to get some old sheep manure loaded up. He left the trailer and vehicle so I could fill it sometime today. The problem was another friend from my old job came out and we talked and spent a couple of hours catching up and drinking coffee. He mowed our front lawn while I loaded the trailer. I got an EMS call and had to leave for a couple of hours. When I got back I finished loading the trailer and then scraped the area down over by the lamb shed so I would be ready to finish the gate and fencing arrangement. I do realize I am not fencing but this was preventing us from opening the currently installed gate more than half way open.  I also piled the compost pile back up into a tall pile again. This lets more moisture into the pile and helps break everything down. If I could pump water into the compost piles in the summer they would break down a lot faster. If I can get a couple of weeks with no rain I will burn some more wood scrap piles. 


AnnMarie did get to work on the back drip system. She got it roughed out but needs more one more trip to town for more zip ties, a zip tie gun and an automatic timer that can be outside in the weather. Of course no one has a zip tie gun. A whole stinking wall of every size zip tie but no gun to tighten and cut them expeditiously. We ordered plastic a couple of weeks ago. We would like to plant tomatoes and get them to actually grow. We need an extra 4-6 weeks to maximize our production. We keep ending up with lots of green tomatoes in the fall. We dropped a high low thermometer inside the plastic to see what our temperatures will be. 
I did come inside the house and remove all the floor trim and start getting ready for subfloor installation.  Tomorrow I will empty out the room and start laying subfloor. I would like to start laying tile by the end of the week. 

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