It is happening

The border collies are trying very hard to be in every picture I take now. I have given up on trying to move them out of the frame. Sunday was the day it started. I am officially beginning the library flooring project. I had a few odd facts to share about day one subfloor installation.  It takes 56 screws to attach a single 3×5 ft piece of concrete board to the floor, this is a lot of screws. Installing this many screws would be harder if I didn’t use an impact driver.  I broke three driver bits, this was made possible by my use of an impact driver. I was afraid I would run out of driver bits as there is only one per bucket of screws and I only had four buckets.  I went out to the old house and dug around until I found every driver bit to fit the square headed screws.  I found 14 bits that would work and brought every one into the house. I can use the impact driver without fear of running out soon. 

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to the manufacturer of gel filled knee pads. This job would not have been possible without the knee pads. I finally gave up on screwing down new sheets when I started to get a blister on my palm. I did try to use my left hand only but it is so awkward I had to go back to the right hand. 

The weather is amazing. We are talking about planting a garden but want it to be above freezing.  This morning early it was at 30 degrees F. Still not quite warm enough. 


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