I got a weed eater for my birthday yesterday

My birthday was on Thursday and my mother got me a new fancy wamplidyne weed eater. It has a chest harness and a new head with plastic blades so I don’t have to change out the plastic strings. It is an amazing tool and one which I will utilize a lot. That being said, as a man it is my job to figure out how to not mow the yard. This is a hidden section of the man card that most women do not understand. Most men go with the child plan as a character building routine. I opted again this year to go with the moving live grass mower option. I went out to the wood shed and took a piece of woven electric fence and put it across the front of our yard last evening. The fence was way longer than necessary so I stretched out the extra loosely against the side fence. I did not energize it as it was leaning against a metal fence. I opened two gates and now the sheep have access to the front hillside to eat it down so I don’t have to weed eat or mow it. 

Instead I will be tiling again in the library  today. So really it’s a time reallocation idea. 
Unfortunately, it’s never that easy. 

As it was approaching bedtime last night we started to hear a lamb bawling outside. AnnMarie asked me if maybe I should go check on that lamb. “It’s fine it will be alright” was my repeated answer. At bedtime we put on coats and went outside to check on the bawling lamb. I wasn’t going to get out of it and have learned a couple of things in 20+ years of marriage. A one month old lamb had gotten wrapped up in the loose extra fencing and kept fighting it which was making it worse. We got the lamb out of the fence and then tossed the extra woven electric fence over the chain link fence so the sheep would not get tangled up in it.  When we woke up this morning one small section of the fence was leaning over so I went out and propped it up with some extra electric fence posts I have. I believe the sheep will have it all eaten by tomorrow.  


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