Actual tiling has begun.

I did it I actually started laying tile down onto the floor. I remembered why I normally buy premixed mastic, it’s so very painful to mix by hand. I made it a little thick and it kept trying to dry out. I totally did this backward!!  I should have started in the middle of the room but if I do that I stand a good chance of screwing up the spacing in the hallway. So I started at the narrow entrance to the room. I tried cutting the first few pieces after mixing the mastic but it was slowing me down and allowing the mastic to dry out. 
Sarah stopped by so I had her stir mastic and hand me tiles. I am done for tonight. I should be able to do most of the room tomorrow down to the closets and a 2 foot section along the wall. This will let me get out of the room without stepping on any newly laid tile. I will need to do a third day to finish off the edges and closet. 
I actually really like the look and am looking forward to getting it completed.  
I had to go into work briefly this morning to sign time cards. I saw the full moon sitting on a cloud. It was very nice. Those views make me miss flying around in the helicopter. Coming home every night and going to bed with the wife makes me appreciate my current job. 


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