Oh yeah winter is coming!

I can always tell when winter is coming by when our water line leak decides to surface. Now Annmarie and I knew there was a water leak. We can always tell by the loss of water pressure in the bathroom. It still takes several months to surface. It’s always a guessing game as to where it will appear. Annmarie sent me this picture Thursday morning!!  Ugh. I knew it was happening I just didn’t know when or where it would appear. 
The first and most important thing to do is to call a plumber!  Which I did but they cannot come until Friday late morning. This is good as it will give me time to dig the hole. In this day and age most plumbers charge extra to dig a hole. So I had a plumber but I needed to be the general laborer. Annmarie got her mother to turn off the water around 1000. I arrived at home around noon and started digging. I dug the entire hole by hand and discovered that the leak was only a broken joint. 

The joint actually failed along its fusion seam. I was able to drive to Pendleton and get the $5 part and install it. I filled the hole back up by hand and we had water by 1700!!  It was the cheapest plumbing fix ever. I even amazed myself. 

We picked up this trunk from a yard sale. It went to college in the 1920’s.  We just need to clean it up now. 

Some weird bug out on the bridge. It looked like a beetle of some kind. 

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