It’s raining

Does this look like I am ready for rain?  I have been trying to get our hay into the barn. Now I cannot do this if I don’t have hay here at the house. It takes me almost two hours round trip to get a load and get it unloaded and back. So I can only squeeze in one trip in the evenings that I and the seller are free. I am trying very frantically to get it all here on the farm and then I can get it into the barn. I currently have three loads “stacked” outside the barn doors ready for me to move them inside.  It picks this week to rain!!  Now I have to wait a couple of days before I can stack it inside the barn. Just another added delay. 
I just about have unloading down with the new tractor but I keep dropping one or two bales which makes for uneven stacking. This has caused my stacking job to look more like a pile than a stack. On a plus side I am just going to grab them and toss them inside the barn to then be stacked again. Neatness doesn’t count midway through. 
So Thursday we have a nice steady light rain coming down out of the sky. Hopefully the bales won’t get too soaked. 

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