Water line version 2.0

The baby is very cute. It’s mother is the not so crazy one so it has been much safer to walk through the barn lot without the dogs. Annmarie took this picture and I love it. 

Annmarie sent me this picture Wednesday afternoon while I was still at work. I already knew there was a bad water leak. First thing after soaping up in the shower the water drops to a slight trickle. I barely managed to get the soap out of my hair and off my body. I checked my repair by the faucet on my way out the door. Usually, when I do plumbing it has to be redone a couple of times but no leak. Mind you by the time I got home it was raining and dark. This summer I had picked up some waterproof bibs, at a yard sale, and this was my first chance to try them out. So I donned a waterproof hat, coat, bibs and boots. I looked like an all weather tire commercial hawker. I spent three hours digging out the leak by hand. At one point I had to go get a gallon can so I could bail the water out of the hole as I dug down farther. I was certain after looking at the picture that the leak was near the well casing. But after exposing four feet of pipe I could not see the leak. I opted to have Donna turn the pump on for a count of five to determine where the leak was located. Nope, I had to dig another three feet distal to where I had my large hole. The pipe had a bunch of glued unions from multiple breaks. After more bailing and digging I finished for the night. I needed a shower. 

The next day I called the plumber and they came out and fixed it. They cut out one large section with multiple repairs and replaced it with one intact new pipe piece. Donna said it took them a couple of hours. The bill will come in the mail next week I am sure. I flushed the system out through the outside faucets and then finished filling in the hole with gravel. The gravel makes the hole much easier to dig but does let the water run and deceive you when it comes to leak location. 

The water pressure is great now but these things come in threes so I have one more hole to dig in my near future. 

I came home tonight and found the bull in the large wheat field. He was mooning over the cow that had just had her baby. Now mind you he had to push the upper hillside fence over and run around the upper prime pasture fence because he couldn’t get through it. We just repaired all of it this summer. Once above that fence he had to go through the eight foot tall weeds and find the one open gate on the wheat side and then walk all the way down to the barn. I just opened up the gate on that side and he shuffled right in with no fuss. Annmarie and I had talked about running all the cows back together but I wanted to tag and possibly band this baby first before letting them mix together. 
There was no barn kitty waiting for scrunches when I fed tonight. I have only been able to touch it once. It loves Annmarie.  

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