Baby cow.

Surprise!!  We have a baby cow. Our cows are the hardest thing for us to keep track of birthing times. They are all out of sync and if we try to pull the bull off we have no secure area. He just goes through the fence. We need a small area with access to water that is made out of all buried wooden posts with two layers of woven wire about 5′ tall to keep him in. This will eventually be in the barn lot attached to the new gate I installed in front of the old lambing shed. The real problem is it’s about $1000 in wooden posts and then I have to drill out all the post holes and install the posts. This is lots of work. I will finish getting in corners and gates for now till I am ready to build the bull area. We would also like to be able to put our rams in the same area. This way we will have a secure area for all our boys that will allow us to control birthing times. 
The baby was just born today as I had not seen it yesterday when I was checking in the cows. I went down and fed the other half of the cow herd from the back hillside and there were no baby calves with them. They tend to hide them better when they are on the bottom pasture. Mama was giving me the stink eye while I was taking the picture just outside the fence. I didn’t want her to force the baby to move so I didn’t get any closer. Also, the cows are super protective at this stage and it’s not safe to be alone in the pen with them. The best way to get to the calf is to put the dogs opposite of you and the mama will go for the dogs allowing you to get much closer than if the dogs were attempting to push her off on your side. 

Annmarie did fantastic at the medieval event and managed to sell off about half our trailer. Most of the garb and fight gear is all gone. There are still several cool items. We are going to offer the trailer for sale now as is.  You have to hook up to it and drive it away with all its contents. It will be like Christmas when the buyer gets home and gets to empty it out!  We are asking around $2500 with some wiggle room, cash is king! 

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