This is why we do it.

I came home to this view after work today. Honestly, there is a reason we live out in the country and truly this is it. It was just barely above 50 F and I had to wear a light coat to work outside. I mowed the lawn and never broke out into a sweat. Its the perfect temperature. I simply cannot fathom living in a city any more. People ask me all the time why I like living on a farm when it seems like I am always working. Its not really working when you like it. There are times I don’t like it but that is not very often. I get an incredible sense of satisfaction and joy from saving something and improving it and knowing it will still be there in 50 years.

It will be something my grandkids and family point out to visitors and say my great grandfather did that. Plus, since I am keeping records with photos and stories the information is staying in the family. Annmarie turns the blog into a book every year and we order one copy for our library every year. I think she is a couple of years behind.

My day started today at 0400, when Annmarie woke me up in bed and asked me what that noise was? I managed to croak out a bird. It was a very weird sounding bird but it did sound like a bird. I then tried to go back to sleep. Nope, it had been bugging her so she got up and got dressed with the light on then headed outside to check on said noise. I told her to take a gun and she wanted to know if I had my phone on so she could text me if my presence was needed. I checked the phone, the volume was on. I tried to go to sleep but I could not and then when Annmarie came inside she opted to do her yoga at 0430 and never came and told me what that sound was! The noise was gone so I figured she knew. I had to wait until after yoga and her shower to learn that it was a screech owl. It was a very weird sound.

After my errands this afternoon I came home to attempt to mow the lawn but I was out of fuel in my spare cans. All the fuel got used in the old tractor because it uses gas not diesel. I opted to mow any ways. It was getting dark and I figured I would have to stop before the fuel ran out. I was right.

The dogs and I had to go out and feed the barn lot cows and the sheep. The puppy and Zeke got to go in the barn with the sheep. Mouse had a hard time staying put, he thought every time I called his name I wanted him to rush the sheep. I kept calling his name to tell him to stay just to throw him off. He calmed down eventually. The dogs and I are chilling until Annmarie comes home from judging a robotics competition. Now if only the little puppy would quit farting while laying next to me.

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