My new toy!

Our last big hurdle for moving bales has been solved. Our favorite, only, housekeeper told me about it. She saw it on Craigslist and I happened to see her message quickly. I sent pm immediately requesting it. Only $80 for a used hay lift!!! I had to drive 75 miles for it leaving directly from work. Now this meant hooking the trailer up in the dark. Not something I have done before. Not easy to do as I had not dropped the trailer off in a nice flat open area with a straight approach. I bumped the trailer off its hitch stand, block of wood and could not raise the tongue above the ball on my pickup stinger. So I ended up wrapping the trailer chains around the hitch onto themselves and lowering tongue until the elevator Post was retracted fully and I could skip the three inch piece of wood under and raise tongue back up. I only needed 1/2” of course but without that I could not physically lift trailer tongue and my handyman jack was not in the trailer box where it should of been. I need to find it.

The elevator is 20’ long and is electric. The motor got put in the cab of the pickup to keep it dry. I need to put some tape and red rags in my trailer box also. It kinda hung over the end but it was pitch dark by then so I figured I would just go with it.

We have been looking at these used and they go for around $700-900. We looked at brand new and it’s $1700. We were going to go with the new one just to ensure it functioned perfectly, but for $80 we have personality!!

A new motor is only $215 so either way we come out way ahead. I need to get it unloaded off the trailer and into the barn and get the motor all attached. I need to see how it works then I need to duct tape a bunch of loose wires to the rails and neaten it up with a lot of duct tape. I also want to stiffen a few spots with some hose clamps. Like I said, it’s going to have a lot of personality!

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